Top Reasons For Living in a School Bus

Ask most people who choose to live in a bus what their reasons are and you will find a lot of similarities. Quality of life, getting to see and experience new places, and freedom are on most lists. These are just as important to me, and possibly more so as someone choosing this lifestyle as … Read more

The road to D.C.

Intrepidus (Fearless) is on a long journey from Coast to Coast and Border to Border. Our plan was to go from Bellingham, Washington to Acadia, Maine and then south to Florida. Then we would head West through Texas, to San Diego, and then turn north for home. Then we reached Pennsylvania to connect with old … Read more

Professionalism Matters – Even When Working Remote

Today we are working from home, from the road, or from family’s homes. Article after article has been written about how to work productively outside of our normal work environment. What they tend to leave out is that professionalism isn’t just for the cubicle; it extends to all matters of the office including working remotely. … Read more

Pay it forward

Where were you the first time you were told to “pay it forward?” Were you the recipient of someone else’s good deed, or did a friend or mentor help you out of a pickle? Paying it forward is a fascinating concept with far reaching effects. According to’s Pop Culture Dictionary, Paying it Forward is … Read more